Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Writing

Since last I wrote on this blog, much has happened.  I shall detail it briefly, but more I just want to recognize the chunk of my life and writing that the posts before this represent.  It is much later and the blog, thanks to Google, still lives and--to my surprise--attracts readers, so I shall add to it.

My sabbatical finished and the routine of the university, like a liturgy, demanded my voice and body.  In many ways, though, I have yet to return.  Peru has become much of my day and my nights.  Cusco, which I said would never be home, became the place I return to every chance I get.  Everywhere else now seems mythical.

Though my boxes of books, furniture, and artifacts of memory are in Utah, my self whether in or out of my body lives where the Incas trod.  No I am not talking about soul loss, or separation of body and soul.  At least I do not think I am.  It is just that Cusco has so absorbed me that even when elsewhere, and I have been many elsewheres in between the last post and this pecking on the keys--Bolivia, Lima, Piura, Warsaw, Manchester, Guernsey,  Greater Salt Lake, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Madison, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and so on.  Partially the absorption comes from working on the blog, yet more importantly it is because of people I met a week or so after my last post who have taken me in.

All that is too much and requires writing in some future.  For now I shall post texts I wrote before I blogged but that dealt with my travels.  They were travelogues I wrote "home", when I had such a place that was not Cusco and not where my suitcase lay, that I emailed out.  I shall give them new life by adding them to this blog, though they are another set of journeys.  And, they necessarily are fragmentary because of the oddity of writing--it happens when it happens and can never be complete.  In addition, I do not know if the electronic files on my computer actually has the complete set any more.

Entropy happens.  That should be a bumper sticker.  Entropy just happens.  Things become disorganized.

So to at least break for a while that dis-appearence of my experiences and writing, I shall post them here for people to read, or not.

In the meantime Cusco beckons, but I am not quite ready to write reflectively about that.

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