Thursday, April 21, 2016

Postlude in Two, Maybe a Dessert

David Knowlton

To cook is to immerse yourself in sound.There are the sounds of peeling, slicing, mincing, and chopping; those of bubbling, frying, and baking; blenders and mixers; microwaves and clocks.Those sounds open paths that help us grasp much beyond food.  

Do you know the sound of breaking open a crab’s legs to pull the hidden flesh out?  It is a crack like no other.  

Have you ever broken open a bone, heard it splinter, in order to suck the marrow out from inside? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Me-Food-Eat, A Story of Storm and Burn

David Knowlton

To eat.  Such a simple proposition—without eating there is no life.  Yet, so complex. 

Canoeing among stones and rapids while you know somewhere ahead there is a cliff.

If only it were me, food, eat.  Such a troubled sequence, but the middle, food, that is the flow among boulders and quick descents.